GETTING OFF Podcast writes “There’s so much going on here, we can’t even take it:”

Criminal defense attorneys Jessa Nicholson Goetz and Nicholas (Nick) Gansner discuss high-profile trials, defense strategies, popular culture’s fixation on crime, and all other things related to criminal law. We think we are kind of funny, and hope you do, too.

Jessa and Nick had the incredible experience of talking to journalist and author Robert Rand about the trials of the Menendez Brothers.

Media bias!

Dominick Dunne inside information!

Affirmative defenses!

I had an interesting time as the guest on the GETTING OFF podcast hosted by Jessa Goetz and Nick Gansner, criminal defense attorneys in Madison, Wisconsin.

As smart, experienced lawyers, they had some great questions.

Nick Gansner and Jessa Goetz
Attorneys Nick Gansner and Jessa Goetz host GETTING OFF

The format is fun because you can branch out into all kinds of tangents and minutiae that don’t fit the style of a traditional radio or TV interview. Also, there’s no editing so you get to hear the uncut version of our discussion. We were all over the map.

My thanks to Jessa and Nick – they’ve already done four Menendez episodes including two with Juror #9 – Hazel Thornton – one of the jurors who voted for manslaughter in the first trial.

Here’s Part 2 of the interview:

[Listen to more GETTING OFF here.]

Here’s my interview on the GETTING OFF! podcast
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