I was a guest on GDLAthe local morning show on Fox 11 in Los Angeles – with co-hosts Megan Colarossi and Elex Michaelson where we discussed was how different the media is today with the Internet, the 24-hour news cycle and social media compared to 1993 when the first Menendez trial took place.

If the trial were held today, I believe the verdict would have been manslaughter – not a murder.

In the current era of #MeToo, #MenToo, and the report by the Pennsylvania attorney general’s office about abuse in the Catholic Church, people are more open and willing today to believe that boys as well as girls can be abuse victims.

In her closing argument at the first trial, defense attorney Leslie Abramson asked jurors:

If my client’s name were Erica instead of Erik, would you have an easier time believing his story?

More like this? It’s in the book.

I was a guest on ‘Good Day L.A.’ (video)
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