Podcasts are my favorite type of interview because there is much more time to peel back all the layers of the complex Menendez family tragedy.

Grace Collins — of the In Your Face With Donnie and Grace podcast — was very familiar with the story because she had already spoken with Hazel Thornton, Juror #9 from the first trial and author of Hung Jury: Diary of a Menendez Juror.

Over three episodes, Grace and I discuss my 29 years of covering the Menendez murders.

We start with the investigation, I explain why the second trial was so different from the first trial, what happened at the April 2018 reunion of the brothers after not seeing each other for 22 years, and why I believe that manslaughter – not murder – should have been the resolution of the case.

Here are the three shows:

IN YOUR FACE: The Menendez Brothers were killers, not murderers!
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