The public was outraged that the two 1994 juries – one for each brother – could not reach verdicts in the first Menendez trial.

All the jurors agreed that a homicide had been committed.

Most of the women voted for manslaughter, but almost all of the men wanted to convict Erik and Lyle of murder.

When I interviewed most of the jurors after the trial, men mostly told me some variation of “a father would never do that to his sons.”

The Menendez family money was gone after the first trial.

Most of the family estate – estimated at $6-8,000,000 – went to the attorneys, defense investigators and taxes.

Defense attorney Leslie Abramson was appointed by the court at $125 an hour.

Abramson was ridiculed when she announced she was starting a defense fund and asked for contributions. L.A. radio talk show hosts John and Ken staged a fundraiser for the DA’s office called Fry the Menendii.

The Tonight Show’s Jay Leno created this parody that April.

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Jay Leno stages ‘comic’ fundraiser for the Menendez Brothers (video)
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