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Glenn Yeffeth (photo), the boss at my publisher BenBella Books, interviewed me for the company’s new podcast, Building Books, and we talked how most of the mainstream media got the original Menendez story wrong in the 1990s.

My first draft was 250,000 words and BenBella only wanted to publish 100,000 words. Obviously, some some major editing was in store.

The people at Wolf Films developing the Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders for NBC were grateful to have the uncut detailed draft of the manuscript as a resource when they were developing their storylines.

Unfortunately, your average citizen doesn’t have a long attention span in 2018. (Helter Skelter, the iconic 1974 book about the Manson Murders, was 690 pages long!)

But everything gets better with editing and I’m grateful for the help and guidance I had from BenBella. I believe my book — based on hundreds of interviews and 29 years of reporting — delivers the most accurate narrative of the Menendez family story that has ever been told.

Here’s the podcast:

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On the ‘Building Books’ podcast, my publisher interviews me!
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