Thanks to the iHeartRadio stations, I was able to share the Menendez brothers’ story with listeners in Chicago, Philly, San Diego, Minneapolis, St. Louis and more.

I’m spreading the truth – one station at a time.

The reporters who interviewed me –I spoke with a dozen or so — were sympathetic. They wanted to know why the some of the shocking details of the boys’ molestation I revealed in my book had not come out in court.

My answer?

Some of the details DID emerge during the first trial, but the second trial’s Judge Stanley Weisberg severely limited what the defense was able to present.

Here’s my iHeart interview with La Dona Harvey and Ted Garcia of KOGO radio in San Diego, the local station near the prison where the Lyle and Erik are now incarcerated.


I’m spreading the truth about ‘The Menendez Murders’ on iHeart Radio
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