Jose Menendez and Menudo in 1985. Roy Rosselló is on the far right. 

Earlier this week, I had no idea how Tuesday would go.

For the past three years, my reporting partner Nery Ynclan and I have been in the middle of an intense investigation. We couldn’t tell anybody what we were doing – even close friends and family.

I’ve known for 30 years there was a nefarious connection between Jose Menendez and boy band Menudo, and you’ll find out how I discovered this story when Menendez + Menudo Boys Betrayed documentary begins airing May 2.

The thought we were finally going public kept everybody on edge for weeks. Our close-knit surrogate family, including Nery, and our showrunner Esther Reyes worked so many early mornings and anxious late nights!

I was just about to crash early Tuesday morning when I decided to check if Peacock really was going to release the trailer.

I went to Peacock’s Twitter page and there it was! Three years of work reduced to a one-minute trailer:

I thought I’d post the trailer on a couple of social media accounts before crashing, but then it was already 5AM and the Today show was about to air.

The segment was well-produced [CLICK TO WATCH] I had to make some more social media posts (thanks to NBC News reporter Jacob Soboroff).

In the clip, ex-Menudo member Roy Rosselló alleges that when he was 14, Jose Menendez drugged and raped him during a trip to the Menendez family’s New Jersey home.

Roy Rosselló

Rosselló points to a photo of Jose during the clip and says:

“That’s the man here that raped me. That’s the pedophile.”

A few hours later, The New York Times posted a story.

The media momentum kept growing throughout the day, confirming what I already knew: that people continue to be interested in the Menendez brothers case 33 years after their arrest and 27 years after their conviction and sentencing to life without parole, an outcome that many consider a miscarriage of justice.

See you on Peacock in English and T + in Spanish on May 2.

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