On Monday, March 12, 1990, Erik and Lyle Menendez – who were being held without bail – made their first court appearance Beverly Hills Municipal Court.

The charges against the brothers were read to a packed courtroom that included many supportive family members.  Erik Menendez looked exhausted because he hadn’t slept since his voluntary surrender and return from Israel a day before.

Earlier that day, L.A. County District Attorney Ira Reiner told the press that the conversations between the brothers and their therapist were important evidence for prosecutors.

Defense attorneys Gerald Chaleff and Robert Shapiro told the court they needed additional time to prepare their argument that the therapist-patient privilege was violated by the seizure of therapy records and audiotapes from Dr. L. Jerome Oziel.

The evidence battle went all the way to the California Supreme Court and delayed the start of the trial until July 1993.



The Menendez Brothers make their first court appearance (video)
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